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Zoho Implements Facebook Connect



  • We previously offered Sign In with Google, Google Apps & Yahoo! accounts. We are happy to extend this to 400 Million+ Facebook users as well
  • If you share your documents with users with no Zoho Account, they can access the document by logging in using their Facebook account
  • We don't want account creation to be a hindrance to try Zoho. So we simplify this by allowing users to try Zoho using their existing accounts. We plan to expand this further
  • We already have a Zoho app inside of Facebook

Login to Zoho Using Your Facebook Credentials

All Facebook users will now be able to login to Zoho using their Facebook credentials. In Zoho's 'Sign In' box, you will notice a Facebook icon now (next to the Google, Google Apps and Yahoo! icons).

If you don't have a Zoho account yet, you can just go ahead and use your Facebook account (or one of the other options) to login to Zoho. Click on the icon and follow the simple instructions.

For Users already having a Zoho Account
If you are one of the millions of people using Zoho, chances are you also have a Facebook account. No problem, you can link your existing Zoho account to your Facebook account. You have two options for doing this:
  • Just login to Zoho using the Facebook icon - when you login using the same e-mail address you have registered at Zoho we'll automatically recognize it's you.
  • Or, if you are already logged into Zoho, no need to log out. You just need to:
    • Go to your account setting (or account.zoho.com)
    • In the "Link Accounts" section, you'll find the option for linking your Facebook account.

Hope you like the new Facebook login option.

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